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5 best practices with Google Analytics for Mobile apps

Emina Dervisevic
More and more companies are building apps for mobile devices. The creativity is great when the concept gets developed and the app is launched, but what happens when we need to measure the effectiveness and usage of the app? Google Analytics is the answer and can be used for native apps as well as on normal mobile sites. However, there are some special areas to be aware before throwing yourself into the tracking of Google Analytics for mobile apps. 

In this session you can get all your questions answered around what is doable and not with native mobile app tracking and Google Analytics by Emina Dervisevic, who was a product specialist on Google Analytics in Googles European Headquarter.

Emina worked for Google as a Google Analytics specialist in an exclusive team of highly skilled technical product specialists. Through her solid experience with the most complex Analytics issues and cases, she sets the standard for the levels of other professionals in the industry by training agencies, analysts and technical personnel in Google Analytics. She furthermore brings in great experience in online sales strategies and how to put value on 
online marketing investments.